School Holiday Cricket Camps - $77 per morning

We run school holiday camps in most school holidays each year.  

ALL MORNING CAMPS RUN 9:30am to 12:00pm each day

Under 12s  (10, 11 and 12 year olds)

Suitable for U12 A, B and C Grade Players (Season 2023/24) - as a hard cricket ball is used in the programme, it is not suitable for Rookies or Blasters 2023/24 - see Rookies Camps below. 

- please email if you are cannot find a suitable booking and we will add you to the waiting list. If we receive enough interest we will endeavour to add another U12 camp possibly one afternoon if we can squeeze one in. Please advise if you have a specific preference. 

U12s Camp BOOK Now with Cricket HQ U12s Camp BOOK Now with Cricket HQ

Under 12 Rookie Players (8 & 9 year olds - Blasters or Rookies Players Season 2023/24) 

- please email if you are cannot find a suitable booking and we will add you to the waiting list. 

Rookies Camp BOOK Now with Cricket HQ Rookies Camp BOOK Now with Cricket HQ

Under 14 Players (13 & 14 year olds in U14 A, B and C Grade Players Season 2023/24)

- please email if you are cannot find a suitable booking and we will add you to the waiting list. 

U14s Camp BOOK Now with Cricket HQ U14s Camp BOOK Now with Cricket HQ

Our School Holiday Cricket Camps are for boys and girls Rookies, U12s or U14s and focus on the development of fundamental batting, bowling and fielding skills. Our experienced, qualified coaches together with our world-class indoor training facility and latest training aids provide the perfect learning environment.

All our coaches have played or coached at representative level and their mission is to help participants take their game to the next level. They aim to make it fun and children are placed in groups according to their age and skill level. Players then move through a circuit of technical drills to develop new skills and build on their existing skill base. Where appropriate, bowling machines will be used as players work through the full range of batting shots including both front foot and back foot shots against spin and fast bowling.

The Program Includes:  

 BRING: Full Drink Bottle + Snacks + Cricket Gear

BOOKINGS:  All Bookings Online

Questions? Email   By Phone  9018 9733
Note: The content on each day will vary

First time and my son loved it. Said it was awesome.

- Amy Billings Apr 2024
Great facility and great staff
- Prasan Mistry Apr 2024
My son had a great morning with the Cricket HQ team and was grateful to get some pointers on his spin bowling too.
- Bridget Murphy Apr 2024
Great space with good facilities, enthusiastic coaches and value for money. My son had a fantastic time at the school holiday cricket camp!

- Kate Harman Jan 2024
Excellent session, great for learning skills, and lots of fun. Thank you

- Janey Kuzma Jan 2024
Very good. Kept the kids busy and learning.

- Leigh Bassett Jan 2024
You teach valuable lessons and skills and show new things. Learn things but also have fun

- Jassi Singh Dec 2023
***** was the only girl at a school holiday camp. Pat and his team of coaches (and even all the boys) made sure she was included and able to learn at her own pace. She had a great time. Thanks

- Adam Deane Dec 2023
My son had a great time, honed his skills while also having fun too.

- Tony Mulvany Dec 2023
My son took away so much from one lesson. Highly recommended.

- Bradley Bryant Dec 2023
Thanks, my kids loved coming to the holiday clinics, always so much fun!

- Catherine Feast Sep 2023
Pat and the trainers are absolutely wonderful, lots of fun while learning new skills. The boys just love it. Looking forward to the next one.
- Lionel Moss Sep 2023
Well organised with variety and kept the boys engaged. Coaches were friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. Mix of activities was excellent and having small group ratio 1:3 was ideal.
- Simon McKean Jul 2023
The Winter holiday camp program was excellent and my son S********h thoroughly enjoyed the session.

- Deepak Muniyandi Jul 2023
My daughter loved the holiday program, especially diving for catches

- Natalie Lawson Jul 2023
Will was really welcoming and helpful. He motivated my son effectively and he wanted to learn in a fun environment. He knows how to get the best skill set out of anyone. The program was well planned and structured. The facilities were clean and well maintained. It’s a great place to fine tune your cricket skills!
- Dilani De Silva Apr 2023
Pat and his team are brilliant and very dedicated and its the best holiday program. Kids have fun while learning the game
- Deepti Arora Jan 2023
My 11yo absolutely loved his morning at Cricket HQ. He wants to come back again… and again and again! He loves the coaches, had a great time doing the fielding drills and got excellent 1:1 coaching tips on his batting and bowling.
- Penelope Smith Dec 2022
Johannes (Yoyo) had a fantastic day and is looking forward to going back to his next session at Cricket HQ
- Cameron van den Dungen Dec 2022
It was a lovely experience, learnt a lot about batting & bowling and the activities were really fun. Also made some new friends there. Definitely going back again.
- Penelope Smith Dec 2022
Always delivers! Pat and the Team are excellent
- Paul Jones Sep 2022
Max had a great time. He enjoyed the fun environment, and the very handy hints on how to improve his cricket skills. Thank you to all !
- Melissa Cormick Sep 2022
Thank you for running such a fabulous cricket clinic. Xave attended every session available for his age group and loved them all. He will definitely be back!    
- Ros Wells Sep 2022
My son said the best part was the games ...

- Julia Farquharson Sep 2022
Max had a great time. He enjoyed the fun environment, and the very handy hints on how to improve his cricket skills. Thank you to all !
- Melissa Cormick Sep 2022
My daughter enjoyed it and said it was great.
- Julia Farquharson July 2022
My son and nephew had the best time at Cricket HQ holiday program. Was a great mix of games, and teaching skills and technique. Professional and high standard. we will definitely be back. Thank you Pat. 
- Anita Manku July 2022
The coaching Was very professional and my son really enjoyed the challenge 
- Uma Karthikeyan July 2022
Thank you for a fantastic morning. It was my son’s favourite holiday program. 
- Ros Wells April 2022
Bailey really enjoyed his first day at the camp. He had fun and is looking forward to attending his next session on Tuesday  
- Mathew Cousins April 2022
My boys enjoyed the session. Lots of activities and coaches were enthusiastic and helpful with batting, fielding and bowling technique. 
- Simon McKean April 2022
Thanks Pat and Crew!! Another great session. You guys rock!
- Sheree Meldrum Jan 2022
My son really enjoyed himself and he can’t wait to go back
- Andrea Atkinson Jan 2022
Henry had a ball at cricket camp. He clearly learnt a lot because at his match the very next day he took 2 wickets!
- Lorissa Belton Jan 2022
Aryan had such a great time at the cricket holiday program at Cricket HQ. He loved learning the skills and enjoyed playing with other kids and even made some friends. He is looking forward to attending more of these in the future.
All the coaches are so well equipped to teach the kids such good cricket skills
- Neha Patel April 2021
First time and certainly will not be the last.
- Sheree Meldrum April 2021
My 11 year old son attended cricket HQ for a school holiday program and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The facilities were excellent. Very professional and clean. The program and coaching was fantastic with a mixture of technical cricket Skills taught and fun games. There was a warm, welcoming, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Encouraging and positive teaching. My son can’t wait to come again.
- Anita Maku April 2021
Excellent coaching and our boys enjoyed it. We put 5 boys from our club through a couple of days of the holiday program. Good feedback from all of them, and we can see the difference even a couple of days has made. Thanks
- Andy Fordyce Sep/Oct 2019
Peter has a great time every time he goes to cricket HQ and comes home on a high. We are very pleased with his experiences there
- Nicola Jackson Sep/Oct 2019
Fabulous training camp! Great young boys coaching the kids!
- Maryse Gibson Sep/Oct 2019
Lachlan attended two days and his feedback was positive, he loved learning new skills and meeting new friends. This will surely set him up for success with the Rookies as cricket is very new to Lachlan and this will be his first season playing for Ormond.
- Juliette Claridge Sep/Oct 2019
Thank you for the Cricket Holiday Camp. Ethan absolutely loved it. He went both days and walked out saying he wished he could do it every day. Thanks Pat and the team for your knowledge, encouragement and supportive manner. Ethan will be back.
- Lisa Sellyn July 2019
Little man had a great time during the holiday program, whilst learning a couple of things too
- Cecile Le Moigne July 2019
Thank you, I can see how Kirby’s bowling action has been changed and it’s much better now!! He really enjoyed the 2 days.
- Donna Williamson Jan 2019
Excellent coaching and training for the boys.
- Russell Keys Jan 2019

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