Cricket HQ’s coaching and training centre caters for both individuals and cricket clubs looking to hire a net. 

Our indoor facility means you can train irrespective of the weather conditions  Our lighting is world class with 30 (200 Watt) High Bay LED lights engineered to produce 1000 lumens at 1 metre from the ground. The lighting configuration combined with white walls and netting has effectively brought daylight conditions into an indoor cricket centre. We have also dropped in a range of different pitches to simulate different batting and bowling conditions. 

At Cricket HQ in Moorabbin you can train with your red club balls and our white walls at the rear of the facility serve as the perfect sight-screen. You can also practice with your club’s white cricket balls by dropping down our black curtains on the back wall of the nets to produce a black sight screen.

The dividing nets are retractable so you can pull them back to produce an open area for fielding drills.

We have 3 (BOLA brand) cricket bowling machines available for hire that let you set the speed and swing on each delivery. One of these bowling machines has a remote control and auto feeder that sends down a ball every 9 seconds. This bowling machine lets you train on your own without the need for a person to feed balls.

Cricket HQ’s training facility was built with local cricket clubs in mind. If your club is in the Moorabbin area and you want the perfect pre-season training facility or if your mid-week training session is washed out, call us today on (03) 9018 9733. We are open most nights during the week to around 9pm and prime time net times (7pm to 9pm) fill fast and are booked on a first in first served basis.

Our facility in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne also offers group and individual coaching plus we stock a wide range of cricket gear including bats, pads, gloves, apparel and footwear.   



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