Testimonial from his father Daniel Moon - Australian Under 17 Representative in 2018 

"I cannot express enough gratitude to Pat Camm for his work with Bailey over the past few years. His support and guidance has been above and beyond the call of a traditional cricket coach. He drops everything to accommodate us and people continually comment on Bailey’s progress and work ethic. We all recognise Pat’s technical expertise but it his work with Bailey on his mental approach to the game that has really impressed. I am delighted to say that his mentoring has produced a much more mature and consistent cricketer this season. Bailey moved up the order and opened the batting at Under 16A grade level plus he also got the opportunity to open the batting and bowling at sub-district (firsts) level for Ormond last season. He is moving to Premier Cricket at age 16 this season with Pat’s blessing.”


Victorian Under 15 Representative in 2017

 “I had my first batting session with Pat Camm on the eve of the South East Bayside Breakers Under 14 tournament in 2015/16. It had a profound impact and I scored more than 350 runs during the tournament. I enrolled in the winter program the following year and had a record breaking Under 15 Craig (Hatch) tournament scoring more than 450 runs including two centuries (172 not out and 105). I had a fantastic under 16A grade season last year and played sub-district firsts. Pat’s coaching has made a huge difference.”


Testimonial from their Parents Mat & Kristen Wood 
2017/18 Under 16 South East Bayside Breakers & SECA Under 12 Josh Browne Plate

"Will Robertshaw has been working with my sons Spencer and Charlie for the past 3 seasons and last season they both made representative teams as bottom age players and had great carnivals. Spencer also made his debut in sub-district firsts at 15 years of age. Both boys love the coaching sessions and always come away talking about something new or a game day strategy. Will’s communication skills and rapport with the boys is remarkable plus his understanding of the game and eye for technical detail belies his age. He has had a major influence on the boys and their confidence to take on captaincy roles. I would recommend Will to any parent looking to help their child improve their game and life confidence." 

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Nicholas BowmanFriendly and knowledgeable coaches.
mark lucas - Pat and his other coaches are amazing! My son has grown and developed as a cricketer thanks to their professionalism and care! I would highly recommend anyone looking to get their sons or daughters started or wanting to improve their cricket journey!
Brett Poll
Lahiru AG - Lahiru has improved greatly since started training with Pat Camm. Pat is very attentive to developing correct technique when it comes to batting and a great coach. This has reflected very positively in Lahiru's game and his attitude towards cricket. Lahiru is very keen to continue doing training during winter months. My only regret is not having Lahiru training with Pat earlier. Thank you so much
Jeremy Hewett - Pat is a great coach. My son learned more about batting technique in 30 minutes than in 5 years at his club.
Howe Family -  Excellent facility ... great coaching. Highly recommend 👍
Di "I have watch my son improve, so much under HQ coaching. Pat cares and gives everything. My Son was not the best cricketer but this season has made a winter squad. The improvement in his cricket has given belief in himself and improvement in his behaviour and around the house. Thanks Pat and Hq staff you have given so much".
Keegan Friedlander
Jenna. Friedlander5
Adam Edmondson

Travis Gribbon "Brilliant setup. Pat has developed what must be the best purpose-built cricket training facility in Melbourne. There are 5 wickets in total, each plays differently. You can bat on a traditional synthetic pitch, a green top, a true bounce (Adelaide Oval), a slower wicket (MCG) and then a quicker wicket (the old WACA). They offer one on one coaching, net hire by the hour as well as ongoing specialised training. It’s brilliant for everyone from kids learning the game to representative teams needing specialised conditions to train in".

Post-Session Satisfaction Survey Reviews via 10to8:-

Parent or Player How satisfied were you with our service? (Stars out of 5) How likely are you to recommend us to a friend? (Stars out of 5) Comment (if applicable)
Nicholas Gordon - 31/3/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Will was great with Jaxen and we look forward to working with him moving forward.
Cath Feast 18/3/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Thank you, Henry loved his sessions with Will and picked up lots!
Amish Prajapati - 16/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat is an awesome coach - Riyan is thoroughly enjoying the sessions with him learning lots
Balasubramanian Shanmuganainar - 14/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Will was very nice, highly observant and has a bit of patience as well.
John Pillay - 14/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Great session with Will. Particularly helpful to discuss how to settle yourself in / first 10 balls etc. Thanks!
Nick Riley - 11/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

As always, solid advice and coaching!
Mandy Hawkeswood - 10/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Harry loved that Will got up close to see what was going wrong and worked on all the shot types.
Mandy Hawkeswood - 10/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Oliver (11) said that he learned so much in just one lesson. He said that Will is a great coach!
Caitlin Burmeister - 8/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Was extremely valuable and my 11 yr got a lot out of 1on1 coaching
Rob Kelly - 8/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat is very thorough, knowledgeable & generous with time
Paul Jones - 3/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

My son has a lesson with Pat about once a month, and I cannot recommend him enough. Brilliant on the technical aspects of the sport and great communicator. 5 Stars!!
Oscar Liem - 2/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

My son thoroughly enjoyed his bowling session with Pat. He learned a lot and is keen to implement his new skills into games.
Matt Perry - 2/2/22
(One:One Coaching - Will)

Will was fantastic will Liam, already showing improvement, we will be back
Amish Prajapati - 25/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat is able to find and resolve small technical issues very quickly. He is engaging, knowledgeable and Riyan always looks forward to a session with him.
Suriya Molligoda -24/1/22
(Net Hire)

Excellent facilities and service was excellent
John Pillay - 24/122
(One:One Coaching - Miles)

Great job Miles - thanks and see you again soon
Imogen Barr -22/1/22
(Net Hire)

Pat always very accommodating and helpful, we visit regularly and will continue to do so. Covid safe protocols in place and abided by, which is great in my opinion.
Lorissa Belton - 22/1/22
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Henry had a ball at cricket camp. He clearly learnt a lot because at his match the very next day he took 2 wickets!
Billy Watson - 21/122
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Thankyou Pat for your encouragement and spending the time to teach some extra skills to an inquiring young mind.
Arnab Pal -21/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat is a great coach and mentor for young kids.
Paul Dessent - 21/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Excellent coaching, great batting advice
Carolyn Heaton-Harris - 20/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat has been coaching our 8 year old sons and he is fantastic. His knowledge and patience is incredible. The boys have a great time and have learnt so much already.
Andrea Atkinson - 15/1/22
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

My son really enjoyed himself and he can’t wait to go back
John Pillay - 6/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Sensational. Many thanks Pat.
Sheree Meldrum - 11/1/22
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Thanks Pat and Crew!! Another great session. You guys rock!
Adam Selvay - 8/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Awesome energy, care factor, experience, skills and coaching from Pat. My son has learnt more in 30 minutes with Pat than 5 years of junior cricket.
Mathew Cousins - 7/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Thanks Pat. Bailey really enjoyed the session and has happy with your assistance.
John Pillay - 6/1/22
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Awesome session Pat - many thanks
Paul Rhodes - 21/12/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Our son loves his cricket and always has a great time at Cricket HQ. His coaching sessions with Pat have led to remarkable improvements in technique and confidence. Highly recommend.
Tracey Kelly - 17/12/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat Camm is an amazing coach. He manages to get the best out of my child every time.
Luke Fensling - 16/12/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Very clear instructions. Repetitive and consistent - perfect for a 13 year old boy
Leo Glenane - 7/12/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Attention to detail is second to none!
Bev Menner - 4/12/21
(One:One Coaching - David)

David was knowledgeable and gave our son realistic daily drills to improve his cricket. Great first session!
Francis Leach - 4/12/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat was fantastic.
His passion and knowledge of the game are apparent. He managed to teach me more about my technique and how to fix it in 30 minutes than I’d had in years.
Jamie McBride - 29/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Great session for my 10YO with Pat. Highly recommended
Vanessa Jacobs - 23/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

My son found the session very valuable
Tim Wise - 22/11/21
(Net Hire)

A great set up and friendly service. The perfect place to go to tune up on your batting skills with or without coaching! Thanks again guys !
Vivek Mittal - 21/11/21 (via email)
(Winter Programme)

Pranav Mittal had his first game of the season on Friday and in batting showed he had gone to a different level. I put this down to the little bit of training we had as part of the Winter Programme, even though the programme was cut short; the few sessions have made a massive difference in Pranav's game.
Rob Kelly - 7/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Great coaching tips, very generous with time
Justin Bokor - 15/11/21

Pat is an excellent, attentive and thoughtful coach
Michael Fuller - 15/11/21

Fantastic experience for my son, spent 30 minutes in front of a bowling machine and then had 30 minutes of one on one with Pat, he walked away learning a lot and certainly better off for the experience.
Mitchell Kirkwoodscott - 14/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Great facility with friendly approachable people and coaches
Rob Kelly - 7/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Great coaching & tips. Excellent.
Sascha Gelfand - 7/11/21
(Net Hire)

Cricket HQ is an incredible facility and Pat and team always provide friendly, professional and expert assistance. For coaching, cricket gear or just a hit in the best indoor nets around I can't recommend HQ highly enough.
Jim Galanopoulos - 7/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Though it was the tail end of a long day, Pat’s coaching was enthusiastic, patient and incisive as always. First class experience. Thanks.
Ross Henderson - 3/11/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat has a great way of delivering the key messages in a way that an 11yo can understand! He strikes a great balance between building confidence and providing critical feedback.
Skye Weber - 4/8/21
(One:One Coaching - Pat)

Pat was great and very helpful. I feel like in a short time my son picked up some great skills.

Sachin Mathew - 3/8/21
(Net Hire)

Great service. Pat is an exceptional person to have around.
Steven Grenda - 2/8/21
(Net Hire)

Booking system was very easy - great facilities and friendly and helpful service.
Tania Menahem - 1/8/21
(Winter Programme)

Pat is an awesome coach; always helpful and encouraging
Mal Howe - 31/7/21
(Net Hire)

Cait Eves - 9/7/21
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Great school holiday sessions. Please keep them up, we will be back next holidays!
Sheree Meldrum - 9/7/21
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Such a fun way for the kids to learn new skills and have fun at the same time. We will back again next holidays. Big shout out to Pat and the helpers you guys rock. :)
Mark Darley - 9/7/21

David is an excellent coach. Really resourceful and great knowledge of the cricket game.
Michael Hansen - 1/7/21
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Lucas loved this training session. And wants more of this type of training.
Heather Jamieson - 30/06/21
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Great morning spent practising cricket skills
Rosa Gualano - 30/6/21

We are very happy with Cricket HQ, it has excellent facilities and staff, my sons are really enjoying their lessons. My only suggestion is to please enforce the COVID rules, I was there on Wednesday 30/6, it was crowded and several adults were wearing masks incorrectly, or not at all. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
Mark O'Hare - 30/6/21

Knowledgeable coach who made the session fun for the kids. The coach quickly picked up on the areas that needed improvements and gave great corrective advise. My son really enjoyed the session.
Anna Eagle - 29/6/21

Great professional service and program
Belinda Rehfisch - 27/6/21
(Winter Programme)

Great communication from instructor
Nick Myers - 27/6/21
(Winter Programme)

Jono learned about getting his head toward the ball. Good takeaway
Damien Morrow - 27/6/21
(Winter Programme)

So far Seb really enjoying the sessions.. His coach is clearly communicating with him that he understands .. only issue is Seb would love more time in sessions but understands how busy you guys must be.. keep up the good work
Peter Turley - 22/6/21
(One on One Coaching - Pat)

Clear batting instruction in a friendly tone, with great immediate feedback given.
Son is 12 y.o and takes a lot from the lesson, immediate results
Ross Henderson - 21/6/21
(Winter Programme)

The coaches interacted really well and the feedback was always constructive. The facilities are very good and the overall experience is very positive.
Nick Myers - 21/6/21
(Winter Programme)

Good tips for Jono to work on.
Dana Milstein (21/6/21)
(Winter Programme)

Only feedback is that the session is way too short at 20 mins. I think 30 mins would be more beneficial. It just felt very rushed. Thanks
Lisa Skaife (21/6/21)
(Winter Programme)

Great venue. Great coaches. Highly recommended.
Louise Thomas (21/6/21)
(Winter Programme)

Great facility and very good coaching, really improves my daughters batting skills.
Rashi Sharma - 25/5/21

My son loves to get coaching from Pat, day by day his game is improving. Pat always points out tiny little mistakes, which my son can improve on to become a great batsman. Thank you Pat for your great coaching.
Neha Patel - 17/4/21
(School Holiday Cricket Camp)

Aryan had such a great time at the cricket holiday program at Cricket HQ. He loved learning the skills and enjoyed playing with other kids and even made some friends. He is looking forward to attending more of these in the future.
All the coaches are so well equipped to teach the kids such good cricket skills.
Jason Wall - 13/4/21
(Net Hire)

Excellent facility with friendly and engaging staff.
Alastair McCausland - 13/4/21 (Net Hire)

Absolutely fantastic set up and Pat is a great host and coach. We will be back!
Louise Adams - 10/4/21

Very valuable and enjoyable session, looking forward to the next.
Sheree Meldrum - 9/4/21
(School Holiday Camp)

First time and certainly will not be the last.
Neha Patel - 8/4/21

Aryan absolutely loves his coaching sessions with Pat. Pat is an amazing coach and really helped Aryan improve his batting skills.
Anita Manku - 8/4/21
(School Holiday Camp)

My 11 year old son attended cricket HQ for a school holiday program and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The facilities were excellent. Very professional and clean. The program and coaching was fantastic with a mixture of technical cricket Skills taught and fun games. There was a warm, welcoming, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Encouraging and positive teaching. My son can’t wait to come again.
Mark Darley - 31/3/21

Our first time with Miles and my son learnt a lot and really enjoyed the session. We will definitely be booking more lessons soon.
Suhas - 30/3/21

Very good session. Miles just took coaching a level up for my son Shlok. Lots of take away.

Ananth Surenthiran - 23/3/21

Miles is very knowledgeable and professional.Looking forward to work with him for Elijah in the coming days
Thomas Reeh - 20/3/21

Pat Camm has helped bring out the best in our son. He topped the batting averages for his club this season and Pat’s help with his technique has improved his confidence ten fold.
Suhas - 15/3/21

Pat was too good with his coaching and slight changes in tweaking issues made a huge difference in my son's batting performance. Thanks patty . Look forward to see you soon.
Alan Stewart - 8/3/21

Friendly & informative
Rob Kelly - 4/3/21

Fantastic 1:1 service
Rashi Sharma - 1/3/21

My son always learns something new every session, and his batting is improved so much. Thank you to Patt for his dedication in teaching.
Kirsten McMillan - 27/2/21

What a coach and mentor!
Mark Robinson - 26/2/21

Always helpful and accommodating
Darcy Stephenson - 25/2/21

Pat was great. Took his time to explain everything and really helped!
Din Chandra - 24/02/21

Great help with my pull shot, off drive and on drive.
Sheetal Vig - 21/02/21

Pat is such a fantastic coach and always willing to go above and beyond to help. Would highly recommend him!
Peter Sise - 14/2/21

I'm so glad I came in for a private class. The coach was really encouraging and immediately picked up on problems that I need to fix. I'm now on course to being a better player and look forward to my next class.
Lesa Jackson - 13/02/21

Thank you so much Pat! Luca loved his coaching session with you. He learnt so much and came away feeling positive and confident. I've re-booked already!
Paul Jones - 12/02/21

Great Instruction and friendly.
Din Chandra - 11/02/21

Found an immediate improvement from my son's first session.
Rob Kelly - 11/02/21

Very friendly & excellent coach’s
Thomas Reeh - 10/02/21

Pat Camm is one of the most knowledgeable and professional cricket coaches in Melbourne. Highly recommend Cricket HQ to any serious cricketers! First class facilities.
Chetan Mani - 6/02/21

A great facility for practicing and a knowledgeable coach. Will definitely be back soon.
Nick Waterhouse - 6/2/21

Pat helped my 9 year old son with the basic set up for batting and he is looking forward to more lessons soon.
Stephen McGinness - 3/2/21

Excellent one on one service.
Rajit Kalra - 2/2/21

Loved it
Peter Glenane - 1/2/21

Cricket HQ is a great resource for aspiring young cricketers
Rob Kelly - 27/1/21

Fantastic one on one coaching
Yvonne Paturzo - 22/1/21

Pat certainly has a keen eye on what skill needs improving. Builds confidence with practice. Thankyou Pat for your encouragement. Regards from Yvonne Dharshini and Radush. See you next Friday.
Dennis Nay - 18/1/21

Great facilities, very happy with coaching staff.
Billy - 14/1/21

Excellent instruction and sound advice
Shane Lindau - 10/01/21

Miles & Pat were fantastic with my son. My son is turning the ball twice as far after just just one session with Miles. Very pleasant young man & very dedicated to helping teach young kids the art of leg spin. Highly recommend.
Matt - 7/1/21

Pat was great. Friendly and helpful. We got a booking easily. And the nets were in excellent condition. Highly recommend.
Emma Rosham - 5/1/21

I had a great time would definitely come again.

Parent or Player How satisfied were you with our service? (Stars out of 5) How likely are you to recommend us to a friend? (Stars out of 5) Comment (if applicable)
Kathryn - 26/12/20

Pat is such a fantastic coach!
Ryan Fishlock - 23/12/20

Pat spent extra time, on top of the allocated time with my son, to get his technique right. Was very patient with him
Alex Christopoulos - 16/12/20

Fantastic facilities and coaching, simplified the game for and help build my confidence for the future.
Vikas Arya - 16/12/20

Nick Myers - 14/12/20

Good fun for boys
Julia Simmons - 12/12/20

Craig Dally - 10/12/20

Patrick Burnell - 9/12/20

Sean Reilly - 8/12/20

My son has had only two batting lessons with Pat and already there is a huge improvement with his batting. Highly recommend the coaching at Cricket HQ.
Murali Mohan - 8/12/20

Very impressed with the high quality of Training . Pat is an Awesome trainer. We will go again.
Thomas WIlhelm Reeh - 7/12/20

First lesson with Miles and first visit to Cricket HQ. Really good lesson, great set up. Have already booked again.
Darren Seymour - 3/12/20

Every time pat coaches someone he lifts them. If you want to play to the best of your ability a session at HQ is a must.

Rebecca Jefferd - 2/12/20

Rachel Marshall - 1/12/20

Albert Retief - 30/11/20

Warren Bailey - 28/11/20

Great coaching and a lot of care and attention to my boy, thanks Pat.
Mark Thomas - 25/11/20

Very helpful tuition for my daughter, which is turning her into a better cricketer.
Richard Henebery - 24/11/20

Really enjoyed it. Got some great tips from Pat.
Neha - 23/11/20

Aryan has thoroughly enjoyed his coaching sessions with Pat.
Pat is very supportive and really motivates Aryan. He is a great coach and I’m glad Aryan is getting lessons from him.
Jack Smith - 23/11/20

Great first experience, have booked again.
Nick Myers - 23/11/20

Had great fun and learned a lot
James De Villiers - 22/11/20

Best session ever! Returning to cricket after many years, Pat got me back on track. Highly recommend booking a bowling machine net session.
John Sullivan - 19/11/20

very encouraging
Nick Myers - 17/11/20

Thought there was a lot of IP shared generously which should really help my game.
Helen Gleeson - 16/11/20

Miles insight in correcting small things on my son’s bowling technique that instantly made a difference was great!
Kate Robb - 16/11/20

Harry loved his spin bowling lesson with Miles and learning the ‘slider’!
Kathryn Garland - 14/11/20

Pat is a sensational coach! He's positive and enthusiastic and really knows his stuff.
Anusha Guruge - 13/11/20

Excellent training as always
Kristi Batty - 11/11/20

Generous with advice and time
Richard Henebery - 10/11/20

Great facility and Pat very accommodating. I’ll be back.
Matt Britten - 10/07/20

Fantastic cricket facility!
Holly Brown - 8/7/20

We love CricketHQ. All the coaches we’ve had have been amazing and helped shape our son into the skilled cricketer he is today.
Sophie Edmunds - 7/7/20

My son’s one on one session with Michael Klinger was great. He learnt some helpful tips to improve his batting. We would definitely do another session.
Dickson - 7/7/20 (Winter Programme)

The addition of Michael Klinger as a coach is outstanding!
Anthony Burton - 7/7/20 (Winter Programme)

always happy as my son gets to improve, and he appreciates the way and method of the coaching.
Paul Jones - 6/7/20 (Winter Programme)

the actual time was a little less than 20 minutes. maybe only 3, but that could be 20 balls. otherwise great
Wayne Wallis - 5/7/20 (Winter Programme)

Fantastic lesson with my son Thomas, Pat and his team tailored the lessons to address every aspect of his game, well worth the cost and highly recommended.
Michelle Delacorn - 5/7/20 (Winter Programme)

Sridhar - 3/7/20

It was great to have access to Michael Klinger at a reasonably affordable cost. The session was helpful on 3 fronts. 1) Interaction with a current cricketer/coach. 2) To get a feedback on the batting technique and 3) Suggestions for further improvement.
Mark Thomas - 1/7/20
(Winter Programme)

Pats training improved Louise's technique for her cricket last season, producing consistent high scores. We look forward to further technique improvement during this Winter.
Philip Anderson - 30/06/20

Finley loved the session. He told me on the way home is can’t believe how lucky he is to have someone like Pat teach him and he loved the net session.
Payal Lal - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Well planned program tailored to individual age and ability. Excellent to develop good technical base. 
Charlie Moulang - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Great coaching. Thank you
Rebecca Jefferd - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Cricket HQ was very helpful for me and giving me advice to improve my batting
Brent Batrouney - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Quite an enjoyable introduction to elite level training for my 9y/o. With the focus on ensuring both a fun and safe session, it was clear that corrections to technique & style of play were beyond my level of offering as a parent and valuable to the development of my child
Kristi Batty - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Fantastic. Another excellent session. Thanks Pat & Michael
David Crewdson - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Gary Thompson - 29/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Philip Galanopoulos - 29/6/20

In the post CoVid world, Cricket HQ is still providing exceptional cricket tuition to players of all abilities. Pat and his team of coaches left us enthused about the session, the season to come and the game itself! Can’t ask for much more!
Antony Naughton - 28/6/20 (Winter Programme)

Joel was our coach today and he was terrific. Professional and caring and Angus enjoyed the hit and got a lot out of it.
Antony Naughton - 27/6/20

Great facility run by quality people who care. We love it..
Stuart Drury - 25/6/20
(Winter Programme)

Pat was extremely encouraging, honest, and constructive, after only 1 session I have seen a huge change in my sons stroke play. Looking forward to seeing his progress over the winter academy training
Oliver Smith - 6/3/20

Pats great. Very encouraging to Oliver and he is being rewarded with Pats great coaching. Thank you
William Boyd-Turner - 2/3/20

Will is finding the coaching sessions very helpful and has really improved after 2 sessions
Luke - 28/2/20

Very good coaching
Shane Hesline - 28/2/20

Fantastic Venue, with different surfaces to Bat & Bowl on. Great for one v ones or as a Club. Highly recommend Cricket HQ, Congrats on a great set up Pat.
David Taylor - 27/2/20

Patt has done a marvellous job in very quickly working out what technique correction is needed and was able to convey that to my son such that in three lessons his batting has improved significantly
Jacqueline Errante - 17/2/20

Jake really enjoyed his session with Will and is excited for his next coaching !
Jeremy Hewett - 11/2/20

Pat got straight into action at the commencement of the training session and worked out very quickly where my son needed help. My son learned a heap, and gained confidence in his own ability right away. Although the training was highly technical, Pat made it completely easy to understand for my son, and to put into practice. Looking forward to the next session.
Sam Waters - 10/2/20

Pat was great. Just what Daniel needed.
James Middleditch - 6/2/20

2 good sessions practicing a range of different cricket skills. Great facility and Angus really enjoyed it.
Tyronn Barwick - 30/01/20

Like the different pitches in the nets!!
Kane Leopold - 28/1/20

Pat Camm provides really clear coaching and continues to reinforce the message throughout the session
Stephen McGinness - 23/1/20

Pat is really patient and spot on with his advice.
Grant Hall - 17/1/20

Modern Facilities, good lighting and great service
Warren Bailey - 13/1/20

Just excellent coaching. Fixed numerous batting imperfections.
Elizabeth Langdon - 14/10/19
Patient, skilled and relevant.. the coaching yesterday was fantastic.
Andy Fordyce - 11/10/19
(Cricket Camps)

Excellent coaching and our boys enjoyed it. We put 5 boys from our club through a couple of days of the holiday program. Good feedback from all of them, and we can see the difference even a couple of days has made. Thanks.
Trudi Davies - 7/10/19

Mitchell really enjoying his one on one session and we both found Pat to be very helpful and motivating .
Tina Broun - 2/10/19

Professional and well organised. A brilliant set-up.
Andrew Thompson - 28/09/19

What a fantastic facility - absolutely first class. Pat immediately identified some areas for my son to improve his batting, and in 30 minutes implemented practical ways to remedy those issues and achieved immediate results. Pat has a supportive and encouraging coaching method - cannot recommend him more highly.
Julian Robinson - 28/09/19

Fantastic first session with Pat. Great knowledge and so good with both my boys. Booked in for another session straight away
Maryse Gibson - 27/09/19
(Cricket Camp)

Fabulous training camp! Great young boys coaching the kids!
Juliette Claridge - 27/09/19
(Cricket Camps)

Lachlan attended two days and his feedback was positive, he loved learning new skills and meeting new friends. This will surely set him up for success with the Rookies as cricket is very new to Lachlan and this will be his first season playing for Ormond.
Nicola Jackson - 27/09/19
(Cricket Camps)

Peter has a great time every time he goes to cricket HQ and comes home on a high. We are very pleased with his experiences there
David Gillard - 23/09/19 (Partnership Programme)

Great idea - combining match fitness with technical aspects. Very challenging and enjoyable.
Steve Booth - 19/09/19

Great people with excellent communication and cricket knowledge.
Jai Karnik - 16/09/19
(Partnership Programme)

My son found the partnership program very helpful to develop cricket match awareness and also invoke a strategic mindset to the game. Thanks to the Cricket HQ team, especially to Pat, who is soo passionate and effective about coaching! Regards
Jim Galanopoulos - 04/09/19 (Partnership Programme)

Pat's instructions to juniors during the partnership program are first rate and he is always generous with his time and cricket wisdom.
Simon Wiseman - 12/09/19

Pat has a keen eye for technical faults. He explains them and their consequence simply. He picks them up very early allowing the maximum time to work on them during the balance of the session.
Jim Galanopoulos - 04/09/19 (Winter & Partnership Programme)

I thoroughly recommend Pat’s partnership program for all aspiring young cricketers - Pat runs a physically demanding session whilst imparting valuable lessons about running between wickets and playing ‘tempo’ cricket.
Sanjeev Vaishya - 02/09/19 (VJCA & Partnership Programme)

This is the best place for UV (Utkarsh Vaishya) to improve his skills and thanks to Pat for all the guidance.
Jerome George - 26/8/19
(Winter Programme)

Excellent training....myself and my son really happy with the training and will continue the training with HQ
Murray Campbell - 24/08/19

The coaching is encouraging, technical, & great for young players' development
Rachel Marshall - 22/08/19 (Winter Programme)

The Cricket HQ winter program has been fantastic for my boys. Their batting ability has improved out of sight during the 12 weeks. The coaches were always encouraging and supportive. Bring on the cricket season!
Anthony Burton - 22/08/19

Very pleased with our first visit, my 12 year old has not stopped talking about it. I was very impressed with Pat, obviously he has the knowledge, but his ability to teach that to my 12 year old was very good. His manner suits my son and I will be returning, no doubt. thanks so much.
Shane Hesline - 20/08/19
(Net Hire)

Great set up for doing 1 v 1 or group coaching or as a club. Fantastic facilities with different surfaces to bat and bowl on.
Tarun Gupta - 19/8/19

Great facility with a great coach in Pat and his supporting staff. They are tireless and passionate about the game and truly interested in the individual player's development.
Jaideep Karnik - 19/8/19
(Winter Programme)

My son started with limited batting skills.
At the end of the programme, he is able to play competitive cricket (U12).
Pat really drives his disciples to improve and customises his methods to suit different types of players.
He goes over and beyond to make sure the players overcome their shortcomings. Nice facility in moorabbin.
Just to motivate my son he also gifted him a bat!
Will continue to seek services in future.
Lisa Dobson - 19/8/19

(Winter Programme)
Lyndal Matthews - 18/8/19

(Winter Programme)
Kelli Gray - 18/8/19

(Winter Programme)
Hugo Waisman - 18/8/19
(Winter Programme)

Exceptional results in just 12 weeks. An amazing turn around in technique and confidence
Kenneth Shaw - 15/8/19 (Senior player)

I can highly recommend Pat & the Cricket HQ team. A very professional & highly regarded team dedicated to helping you get the best out of your game
Lisa Dobson - 14/8/19

(Winter Programme)
Mitchell Wolters - 12/8/19

(Winter Programme)
Gavin van Rooyen - 12/8/19

(Winter Programme)
Shannon Williams 23/7/19

It was exactly the type of coaching I was looking for, for my son. He found it difficult to try and adjust some technical points, but Pat convinced him and the results were apparent almost immediately
Russell Davidson 17/7/19

My son loves attending. Sessions are specific to the age and ability of the child. We will definitely be back.
Lisa Sellyn - 13/7/19
(Cricket Camp)

Thank you for the Cricket Holiday Camp. Ethan absolutely loved it. He went both days and walked out saying he wished he could do it every day. Thanks Pat and the team for your knowledge, encouragement and supportive manner. Ethan will be back.
Cecile Le Moigne - 11/7/19 (Cricket Camp)

Little man had a great time during the holiday program, whilst learning a couple of things too
Russell Davidson 3/7/19

Only our first session, however we felt very welcomed and will be back in a heartbeat.
Guarav Gupta 6/7/19

Pat and other team are amazing in coaching kids and giving them confidence and right feedback. Have seen significant improvement in my son's game. Cheers
Nicoll Greig - 9/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Simon Robertson - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Jeff Plumb - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Lisa Sellyn - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

The session was great, although a short for my son who loves playing cricket. The coach was very supportive and gave excellent guidance.
Mark Thomas - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Coaching looked very good. Suggest a list at the front showing the appointment times.
Kerry Rubin - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Anthony Radcliffe - 3/6/19 (Winter Programme)

To have my son come out of the nets with the smile he had on his face after his session with Pat and Joel telling me what he learnt and that he loved it and can’t wait for the next session after week 1 has me as excited as him
Anna Gillard - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

The 20min one on one session was perfect to get some practice in and tackle some weaknesses. As well as a great coach, Pat is fantastic at building kids confidence in their cricket.
Holly Brown - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

The batting coach we had this week was great (Joel), he was very knowledgeable and value added to what Pat has already taught us. My son would have loved to go longer than 20 mins!
Kristi Batty - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Mardi Swann - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

As always, tailored batting coaching that targets individuals progress and requirements
Oscar Roberts - 3/6/19
(Winter Programme)

Jonathan Wilkins - 1/6/19 (Winter Programme)

Winter Programme 1st session
Wayne Growdon - 4/5/19

My son has been going to Pat for a few months now and his game has improved tenfold. Pat is very helpful and friendly with the kids and my son loves his time there.
Holly Brown - 25/4/19

Pat is a really knowledgeable coach, he's great at technique and building the confidence of your child. My sons batting style completely changed for the better after 1 x 30 min session :)
Naomi Mitchell - 20/03/19

Rory Wright - 18/03/19

Warrick King - 3/3/19

Great centre, Pat was fantastic with the kids.
Mal Howe - 28/2/19

The facilities are top notch and Pat Camm is a very encouraging coach with a great knowledge of the game.
Robert O'Neill - 25/2/19

Brilliant coach, very informative coaching outstanding results
Rod Hood - 12/2/19

They always seem to go the extra mile. 
Robyn Morgan - 11/2/19

Pat provides a very high level of cricket coaching, that my boys have benefited from enormously in their game
Leigh Jobling - 7/2/19

Pat is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about cricket. Simple to implement tips for the kids to improve dramatically.
Cricket HQ facilities are first class
Cynthia Moore - 4/2/19

My son absolutely loved this one to one session with Pat yesterday. He felt a great sense of improvement by the end / boost in his confidence. Pat's has a wonderful approach; with guiding comments and instructions throughout.
Owen Cooke - 4/2/19

Fantastic, right from the start the little adjustments made to my son's batting stance to following through the shot made huge difference to his batting. Pat's ability to break the information down into small chunks made it easy to for him to understand and make the adjustments himself. He really enjoyed his Experience. Thanks
Sophie Fanning - 29/1/19

Pat is a fabulous cricket coach who is continuing to help Sam with his game.
Sally Purcell - 23/01/19

Tom learnt so much in such a short period of time. Thank you! 
Jayne Marsh

Fantastic coach! 
Mark Parsons - 23/1/19

High energy and engaging. Good technique information.
Ann-Marie Spicer - 22/01/19

Pat gave very clear and simple instructions which resulted in significant improvement. 

Donna Williamson - 19/01/19
(Jan Holidays Cricket Camp)

Thank you, I can see how Kirby’s bowling action has been changed and it’s much better now!! He really enjoyed the 2 days.
Russell Keys - 19/01/19
(Jan Holidays Cricket Camp)

Excellent coaching and training for the boys.
Ed Booth - 11/01/19

Fantastic facility for both Juniors and Seniors. Very welcoming atmosphere, and great variety of pitches. Highly recommended to everyone from professional to amateur. Thanks for having us.
Holly Brown - 4/1/19

Pat is fantastic, he really knows how to communicate with kids and we saw positive changes in our sons batting from session one.
Mark Parsons - 18/12/18

Professional, supportive and very engaging for young players
Mal Howe

The coaches assist each other in assessment of the players which shows an open approach to teaching and will help in giving the player the best possible chance of achieving their best
Sophie Fanning

We had had three lessons with Pat and one with Mick! Both great and the lessons are very helpful
Matthew Pitman

Mitchell Kirkwoodscott

Thirumurugavel Palaniswamy - 6/11/18

My son Adit had a session with Pat just for 30 mins and started loving cricket more. Pat was amazing in making big difference in cricket in short time. Thanks Pat.
Tony Sekker

Very worthwhile session. Pat clearly has a passion for coaching young cricketers
Sophie Henderson

Gary James

Great setup and even better coaching! Highly recommended.
Kelli Gray - 13/10/18

Excellent coaching and advice provided to both our 10 and 16 year old sons. Highly recommend Cricket HQ
Liam Jenkins - 

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