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Cricket HQ was launched from a Moorabbin factory in 2018.                                                                                                                     Book Now with Cricket HQ

Our mission was to build an outstanding cricket training facility in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne that caters for cricketers of all ages and abilities.

Prior to opening the centre we had to do some major renovations starting with painting every inch of the existing grey brick walls. We then upgraded the lighting by installing 30 high bay, 200 watt LED lights. Safety and visibility were a priority and our lighting engineers produced an incredible 1,000 lux across the entire 5 bay net area . We then installed 5 different wickets including some turf coloured pitches to provide a variety of training conditions. In line with our safety policy, we painted the background walls white that serve as the ideal sight screen for practice with red balls. We also cater for white ball training and have installed drop down black sight screens. Nothing has been left to chance to provide players with a safe and extraordinary environment to improve their skills. 

The training facility with a range of different wickets caters for clubs who play on synthetic and turf wickets. Both SECA and sub-district clubs are raving about the centre and the retractable nets open up to provide room for fielding drills. The dedicated coaching net is wider than the standard bay so players can get a feel for match conditions and it also allows keepers the opportunity to practice.   

Cricket HQ is the brainchild of Pat Camm who has assembled a team of professional coaches who are passionate about educating young cricketers and helping them achieve their full potential in the game.  The Victorian Junior Cricket Academy is our marquee coaching program for boys and girls aged 7 to 16 and you can read the testimonials some of our graduates.  

Our retail shop carries a full range of cricket gear including our 'Cannon' Grade 1 English Willow cricket bats. The shop stocks everything a cricketer needs including bats, soft goods, balls, shoes and clothing.