Sports coaches are a leading positive influence on today’s youth.

The coaches at Cricket HQ believe their role extends beyond simply teaching players how to bat, bowl and field. While the foundation skills are important, coaching is also about building confidence and shaping children's perception of themselves. The approach a coach takes to correct a technical fault or reinforce a positive behaviour can have a big impact on the development of a young cricketer's self esteem.

Cricket is a game but it is also a microcosm of life. It develops life skills including concentration, confidence, resilience, how to cope with anxiety plus the importance of hard work and team work. Our panel of coaches also assist with mental preparation, goal setting and teach competition strategies. 

The coaching role can be complicated and can include instructor, teacher, motivator, disciplinarian, substitute parent, social worker and friend. Cricket is a technical game yet the average volunteer junior coach has little formal training and usually became involved in coaching because their children played the game. They typically drop out of coaching when their children stop playing junior cricket.  Our panel of coaches love what they do and are passionate about producing great outcomes for the boys and girls, on and off the ground.

As you would expect, they all hold current Working with Children Checks and are accredited coaches with Cricket Australia.  

They are all involved in delivering coaching as part of our development program, the Victorian Junior Cricket Academy.

PAT CAMM - Head Coach

Pat is the architect behind Cricket HQ and has coached junior teams in the area for decades. He has built a reputation as one of the leading batting coaches in the region with players and clubs approaching him for assistance. In the past 9 years he has coached various teams in the SECA competition across all grades (A, B and C) plus all age groups including Under 12, 14, 16 and 18.

He is a multiple A grade premiership coach at both Under 12 and 16 levels plus he led Ormond Cricket Club’s Under 16A team into 3 consecutive grand finals (back to back Premiers in 2016/17 and 2017/18). He also took their Under 12A team to the grand final in 2017/18 and for the past 2 seasons he has also been heavily involved in Ormond’s back to back premierships in the Under 15 J G Craig Competition. 

Pat was Ormond Cricket Club’s Junior Co-ordinator for several years and is now Club President. He sits on the South East Cricket Association (SECA) junior executive and established the Ormond Junior Cricket Academy a number of years ago. That program includes a 12 week winter batting program that has had a huge impact on the junior players involved. For example, four boys in that program played in the Victorian Under 15 metropolitan team in 2016/17 and three graduates played in the Victorian metropolitan team in 2017/18.

He is passionate about the game and junior development and says, “The game is a microcosm of life and teaches you the importance of discipline. There is no substitute for hard work and the game helps builds up resilience in players because the game can be full of highs and lows”.

Pat believes the foundation years are critical which is why he created the Victorian Junior Cricket Academy that caters for players as young as 8 that teaches them ‘senior’ cricket principles designed to set young players up for success.

On the ground Pat had a distinguished junior career captaining both his school first XI and the combined ACC team. He played Premier Cricket for several years before returning to captain/coach his original junior club. In 2016/17, after 20 years retired from the game, he made a comeback in his mid 50’s and managed to play a few games for Ormond (sub district) seconds. 

Pat’s passion is infectious and Cricket HQ is the culmination of many years of dedication and hard work. He says, ” Helping ambitious boys and girls achieve their sporting dream is incredibly rewarding and I recognise the fact that coaches can influence more people in a single season than a lot of people do in a lifetime. Cricket HQ is my dream and hopefully we can make a lot of boys and girls achieve their cricket dream.”

You can book a one on one coaching session with Pat using our online booking system HERE
Recent Testimonials - read more..

Pat Camm is A1, know his craft and gets the most out of my son. He is now representing Victoria for the U14 Nationals, thanks to Pat and Cricket HQ
- Thomas Reeh - 18/06/24
We love Patt and how he has coached and enhanced S****’s technique, game play and mind set. He is a guru when it comes to coaching and I would happily recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn, improve or simply love the game of cricket.

- Sandeep Kumar - 15/06/24
Pat was excellent, he was punctual and he gave E*** some great batting tips

- Darren Sacks - 27/05/24
Pat has been amazingly patient with my daughter . Thanks a lot Pat

- Munish Gera - 03/05/24
Coaching style is really conducive for getting the most out of the player. Direct feedback, positive reinforcement, and repetitive / consistent feedback that helps player develop their own self talk to continue their development. Progression and improvement evident following each session which demonstrates the value and positive impact. Highly recommend.

- Alexandra Matthews - 18/04/24
Pat is brilliant - our son H**** walked away in a far better place with his bowling.

- Rick Ward - 24/11/23
Very impressive. Pat's coaching hammered home the batting essentials and Marcus improved immediately.
- Laurie Morrison - 14/8/23
Pat was brilliant in a one-hour coaching session with the ball machine. He ironed out some flaws in my technique straight away and gave me some really useful suggestions that I can continue working on in the pre-season. The improvement was immediate. I will be back again in the next few weeks!

- Neal Woolrich - 11/7/23
Pat could immediately identify some flaws in my 13yo son's batting technique and helped him make the necessary corrections. This was 30 minutes well spent.
- Matthew Weigall - 16/6/23
We booked a 1 hour one-to-one session with Pat as a gift for our son's birthday. In our son's own words "It was the best experience! I learnt so much". Pat is a great trainer. We are keen to come back and do preseason training. Thank you for such a great session. Highly recommend. See you again very soon :)
- Lana Dacy - 4/5/23
My 11yo son had a one-on-one session with Pat to help with his batting, and dealing with nerves for a big upcoming club match. My son absolutely loved it, he started hitting the ball better within minutes, and the strategies for dealing with nerves have paid dividends already. He went from being reluctant to face any pace, and now can’t wait to get out there and face the fastest bowlers he can find. He wanted to know when he can go next, and talked about it the whole way home. Such a confidence, and technique building experience, we’ll be going back again (& again)
- Penelope Smith - 17/3/23
Great way for my boy to experience cricket and set him up the right way from the start. He learnt so much from Pat, who had the right measure on both teaching and positive reinforcement, as well as correcting errors or bad habits. Look forward to the next lesson.
- Louise Gehrig - 6/3/23
Pat is simply the best when it comes to all things cricket. Whether it is a young cricketer or a senior cricketer, he is able to bring the best out of them in very minimal time. Pat provides coaching with the heart rather than doing it as a job. Thank you Pat for all the help. Kind Regards.

- Amit Mehta - 13/9/22
Awesome energy, care factor, experience, skills and coaching from Pat. My son has learnt more in 30 minutes with Pat than 5 years of junior cricket.
- Adam Selvay - 8/1/22
Our son loves his cricket and always has a great time at Cricket HQ. His coaching sessions with Pat have led to remarkable improvements in technique and confidence. Highly recommend.
- Paul Rhodes - 21/12/21


Miles Sellenger was added to our coaching roster on Sundays (11am to 2pm) and his batting and leg spin classes have been a massive hit. It's very rare that you get instant results in life or sport. In fact, in cricket coaching circles we often say it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. Our spin coach Miles Sellenger worked with a 14 year old boy (Senin Seymour) during October & November of 2020 and in December 2020 he took 5/0 in the Under 16A SECA competition and then the next day he took 5/13 in the seniors in the VSDCA 4th XI competition. Senin is a dedicated hard working cricketer but small technical tweaks can make a big difference in batting and bowling. Here is the article that appeared in the Glen Eira Leader newspaper regarding Senin's extraordinary weekend. 

Miles captained the Victorian Under 15, 17 and 19 teams and coached the 2 boys that made the Victorian Under 12 Primary Schools team in 2022 as leg spinners so he is able to coach children and adults alike in both bowling and batting.

If you are looking for a spin bowling class, Miles works on Wednesday evenings (4pm to 6pm) and occasional Sundays (depending on his other rep coaching commitments) and you can book sessions with Miles here:- Visit Booking Page
Please Note:- Miles is unavailable until mid-July 2024
Recent Testimonials - read more..

Our first time with Miles and my son learnt a lot and really enjoyed the session. We will definitely be booking more lessons soon..
- Mark Darley - 31/3/21
Very good session. Miles just took coaching a level up for my son Shlok. Lots of take away.
- Suhas - 30/3/21
Miles is very knowledgeable and professional.Looking forward to work with him for Elijah in the coming days.
- Ananth Surenthiran - 23/3/21
Miles has a great way of coaching. My son really looks forward to each lesson.
- Jack Darley - 7/3/22
Training of the next level for professional cricket coaching.
- Suhas Shanbhag - 2/5/22
Miles was terrific , Lachie really liked him and got a lot out of it
- Paul Rhodes - 8/8/22
Excellent feedback and well explained.
- Jason Smith - 8/8/22
Miles was a great coach - very suitable communication style with teenage son.

Miles was great with our 15 yr old son. We were able to see the improvement in his spin bowling immediately. Thank you, we will be back.

- Sandra Rowlands - 24/10/22 & 12/3/23 
A great coaching session with Miles. Our son absolutely loved the tuition and got some much out of it. Will definitely be back.

- David Keens - 16/01/23
Eth really enjoyed his session with Miles. He learnt more about spin in 30minutes than he has learnt in Junior cricket so far! Miles was very encouraging and supportive which made Eth feel really comfortable. Thank you. We will be back! .

- Kate Blakeman - 23/02/23
Miles was very good with teaching a rookie how to bowl spin with his explanations and taking the time to explain things in an easy way. We will be booking again.

- Andy Corrie - 30/07/23



Zac Sleeman is our specialist wicket keeping coach and his batting and wicket keeping classes have been received with very positive results.  

Catch it like Slee-man! Zac Sleeman pouched a screamer as Richmond beat Essendon
If your child is looking for a batting or wicket keeping class, Zac is your man. Zac is available Thursday evenings 5pm to 7pm with his Wicket Keeping Skills & Drills classes (1 hour $66 each with 2 participants max) running at 5pm or 6pm or for one-on-one coaching

Please Note:- Zac is unavailable until mid-July
  Visit Booking Page
Recent Testimonials - read more..

My 11yo loved the session with Zac, he is knowledgable and enthusiastic, and really helped with confidence building. He was really flexible and listened to what my son wanted to work on, and split the session between keeping and bowling. Great session, top class, valuable coaching and time well spent
- Penelope Smith - 25/8/23
Zac was a fabulous coach and did a great job encouraging my son to learn how to bat. Would definitely recommend.
- Nicki Connolly - 18/8/23
Great session with Zac - great tips for Hayden given it's the first time working with him - thanks
- Adam Carew - 7/8/23


Josh joined our coaching team in November 2023 and is an experienced batting and bowling coach

Josh is available on Monday & Wednesday evenings and some Sundays.  You can book a time with Josh here:-  Visit Booking Page
Please Note:- Josh is unavailable until July 2024

B** enjoyed his coaching with Josh. He is booked in again
- Pam Ludecke -6/11/23
Had a 1/2hr session with Josh. Was easy to get on with, and helped me with my errors, both mentally and also self control when facing a ball. Look forward to working with Josh and CricketHq to get back to playing my best
- Rowan Prince -23/11/23
Josh has a great style working with young cricketers trying to find their feet and their form.
- Nick Baker -4/12/23
E**** had Josh and he was excellent with improving her bowling and batting skills. He has lots of great ideas to try to get the right technique.
- Olivera Ivcovici  11-/12/23


Matt Wilcox was added to our regular coaching roster in July 2023 as part of our Winter Programme and his batting coaching has been receiving rave reviews. Matt is a Cricket Australia Diploma Teacher with the SEDA Group (as well as a teacher with the education department) so he is able to establish rapport with young people very quickly. Matt is available on Monday & Wednesday evenings and some Sundays.  You can book a time with Matt here:-  Visit Booking Page
Recent Testimonials -

Thank-you Matt for your amazing coaching of *** this morning. Your ability to teach simple and repeatable technical improvements to an U/12 girl who has only played one season at stage-1 was incredible. For the 30-minute drive home I had *** repeating verbatim everything you taught her. Once we were home, she rushed into the house and explained all the tips to her mum (who has zero interest in cricket). This explanation came with her demonstrating with bat-in-hand her new forward defence, off-drive and pull shot. She then wrote all your tips down so she could remember them before practising shadow batting throughout the afternoon.

Thank-you for taking such great care of *** and providing such a great experience.
- Adam Deane - 21/8/23

Matt is amazing! He has made my son feel comfortable and more confident batting just after 2 sessions.
- Peta Anderson - 21/9/23
L*** loved the one on one sessions. Matt had a beautiful manner that helped build L***’s confidence. L*** is telling his grandad and anyone who will listen about his new batting skills.
- Richard Jacques - 3/10/23

H*** absolutely loved it
- Will Green - 3/10/23

Matt is great with jnrs


- Ian Wilkinson - 30/10/23

Matt was great with M****. Couple of subtle changes to his technique and lots of positive reinforcement. Very good coach..

- Laurie Morrison - 14/11/23

Matt was very knowledgeable & gave great tips to 14 y/o son. He thoroughly enjoyed session..

- Rob Kelly - 14/5/24

Matt is a fantastic coach and has a vast knowledge of the game. My son enjoys every lesson.

- Mark Darley - 20/6/24

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