Winter Cricket Programme - Closing SOON

The 2022 Winter Programme is a structured cricket coaching programme that runs through the months of June and July in 2022. This very popular 9 week programme commences on the weekend of June 4 and 5, 2022 and teaches both the technical and tactical aspects of the game.  

 Our accredited coaches simulate pressure match situations with a wide variety of skill drills to deliver a purposeful training experience. They use the latest technology including BOLA bowling machines together with video analysis to detect weaknesses and rectify technical flaws. While the Winter Programme has a heavy emphasis on batting, the final few weeks include group net sessions where players bat and bowl.

Given juniors often have other weekend sporting commitments, the Winter Programme operates on both Saturdays and Sundays. Participants can book their 20 minute timeslot on either day and the only pre-requisite to attend the Winter Programme is a passion for the sport and a commitment to work hard to improve their skills. Most importantly, the programme is NOT just for elite cricketers, it caters for players of all ages and ability who want to improve their skill level, build confidence and achieve their full potential.

Over the last 6 years we have seen a number of participants (both boys and girls) go on to represent Victoria and Australia in under-age cricket teams. We have also seen numerous participants progress to play representative cricket for the South-East Cricket Association (SECA), Eastern Cricket Association (ECA), Dandenong District Cricket Association (DDCA), Under 15 J. G. Craig teams as well as the Youth Premier League (YPL teams like the South East Bayside Breakers, Scorpions, Emus etc.). Dozens of our graduates are now playing Premier Cricket at various clubs in Melbourne. and you can read testimonials from players and parents (scroll down to bottom of the page) or click HERE



In June and continuing through early July 2022, we put your batting technique under the microscope in our Batting Lab.
We work through your set up including your stance, grip, head position and balance that lay the foundations for batting success. Our mission is to ensure you can score runs to all parts of the ground.
In June, the weekly 20 minute batting sessions cover all  the front foot shots - the forward defence, the off-drive and the on-drive. The schedule includes some variation by bowling over and around the wicket plus we explore ways to help you generate more power, turn the strike over and improve your running between wickets.  

In July, the weekly coaching sessions shift the focus to back foot shots – the punch, the pull and the cut shot. We also include a session dedicated to playing spin bowling with a focus on footwork and decision making.
Note that players do not bowl in the first 7 weeks of the Winter Programme.  

In the back end of July, we introduce group net sessions where players of similar age and ability are grouped together for a weekly 45 minute net session. As a guide, each player will bat for 15 minutes and face other players in the group. In these sessions, players will commence to bowl for around 30 minutes in the lead up to their club pre-season training.  
The emphasis in these sessions is to assist bowlers with their technique to avoid injuries.

The net sessions are also designed to make sure the batters execute their skills under game day pressure scenarios. If we detect a batting weakness in the group net sessions we revert back to the bowling machines and one-on-one coaching to address the issue. By August, players will be fully prepared for their club pre-season training. In fact, they should hit the ground running given they will have hit more than 1,000 balls over the winter months. 


Details of the Winter Programme are as follows:


Cricket HQ : 51 to 53 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin 3189


The programme caters for players of all ages but the majority of participants are boys and girls aged 8 to 16


9 Week Winter Programme : $ 650


Your Cricket Kit, Water Bottle and Game Day Attitude!


Helmets are compulsory when batting in the nets. Group net sessions in the last 3 weeks are graded by age and skill level

Apply Now

Places are limited and to reserve your spot in the Winter Programme you need to download the Application Form and email the last 3 pages of the completed application to

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Details of dates are as follows:




JUNE 2022

4, 11, 18, 25

5, 12, 19, 26

JULY 2022

2, 9, 16, 23, 30

3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Once registered for the Winter Programme you will be given access to the online booking system to book your first 4 Saturday or Sunday sessions .
If you have any queries in relation to the Winter Programme please contact Pat Camm on (03) 9018 9733 or

Booking your weekly Winter Programme sessions requires a special booking link that we provide after we accept your application. Using this code you can access the system and to book your first four 20 minute timeslots in June.  

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- Details Available in June 2022 - Register Your Interest HERE

In addition to the Winter Programme, we also offer extra one-on-one coaching sessions at our standard one-on-one coaching rates. For aspiring young cricketers looking to accelerate their development we also offer the opportunity to join the Victorian Junior Cricket Academy.

Reviews of our previous Winter Programmes:-

Pranav Mittal had his first game of the season on Friday and in batting showed he had gone to a different level. I put this down to the little bit of training we had as part of the Winter Programme, even though the programme was cut short; the few sessions have made a massive difference in Pranav's game.
- Vivek Mittal - 21/11/21
Fantastic lesson with my son Thomas, Pat and his team tailored the lessons to address every aspect of his game, well worth the cost and highly recommended.
- Wayne Wallis - 5/7/20
Pats training improved Louise's technique for her cricket last season, producing consistent high scores. We look forward to further technique improvement during this Winter.
- Mark Thomas - 1/7/20
Finley loved the session. He told me on the way home is can’t believe how lucky he is to have someone like Pat teach him and he loved the net session.
- Philip Anderson - 30/06/20
Quite an enjoyable introduction to elite level training for my 9y/o. With the focus on ensuring both a fun and safe session, it was clear that corrections to technique & style of play were beyond my level of offering as a parent and valuable to the development of my child
- Brent Batrouney - 29/6/20
In the post CoVid world, Cricket HQ is still providing exceptional cricket tuition to players of all abilities. Pat and his team of coaches left us enthused about the session, the season to come and the game itself! Can’t ask for much more!
- Philip Galanopoulos - 29/6/20
Fantastic. Another excellent session. Thanks Pat & Michael
- Kristi Batti - 29/6/20
Great Coaching. Thank you
- Charlie Moulang - 29/6/20
Cricket HQ was very helpful for me and giving me advice to improve my batting.
- Rebecca Jefferd - 29/6/20
Well planned program tailored to individual age and ability. Excellent to develop good technical base
- Payal Lal - 29/6/20
Joel was our coach today and he was terrific. Professional and caring and Angus enjoyed the hit and got a lot out of it.
- Antony Naughton - 28/06/20
Pat was extremely encouraging, honest, and constructive, after only 1 session I have seen a huge change in my sons stroke play. Looking forward to seeing his progress over the winter academy training
- Stuart Drury - 25/06/20
To have my son come out of the nets with the smile he had on his face after his session with Pat and Joel telling me what he learnt and that he loved it and can’t wait for the next session after week 1 has me as excited as him
- Anthony Radcliffe - 3/6/19
Pat and other team are amazing in coaching kids and giving them confidence and right feedback. Have seen significant improvement in my son's game. Cheers
- Guarav Gupta - 6/7/19
Exceptional results in just 12 weeks. An amazing turn around in technique and confidence
- Hugo Waisman - 18/8/19
My son started with limited batting skills. At the end of the programme, he is able to play competitive cricket (U12). Pat really drives his disciples to improve and customises his methods to suit different types of players. He goes over and beyond to make sure the players overcome their shortcomings. Nice facility in Moorabbin. Will continue to seek services in future.
- Jaideep Karnik - 19/8/19
Great facility with a great coach in Pat and his supporting staff. They are tireless and passionate about the game and truly interested in the individual player's development.
- Tarun Gupta - 19/8/19
This is the best place for UV (Utkarsh Vaishya) to improve his skills and thanks to Pat for all the guidance.
- Sanjeev Vaishya - 02/09/19
Excellent training....myself and my son really happy with the training and will continue the training with HQ
- Jerome George - 26/08/19