Weekend Coaching Availability - August 2023

As we move into the pre-season period, the centre is heavily booked by clubs on week nights which limits coaching opportunities. However, for players looking to build momentum leading into the beginning of the season we are opening up weekend coaching timeslots in August.

Several coaches will be available on weekends and the cost of a 30-minute session is the standard $60 fee. All coaches are qualified to run batting coaching sessions while Pat and Miles are also available for pace bowling coaching. Note that Miles is also our specialist spin coach while Ben and Zac can offer batting coaching plus wicket-keeping classes.

August Coaching Hours:-
Pat Camm 10am to 5pm (batting, bowling coaching)
Miles Sellenger 10am to 1pm (batting, bowling coaching including spin)
Zac Sleeman 10am to 3pm (batting and wicket keeping coaching)

Pat Camm 11am to 5pm (batting, bowling coaching)
Ben Speake 11am to 2pm (batting coaching)

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries in relation to the above and thanks again for your support over the winter period. 

Click HERE for Bookings including Net Hire, Spin & Wicket Keeping Coaching.

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