Important Update

As an indoor sporting facility, we were forced to close our doors on Monday March 23 in accordance with government guidelines. We were able to re-open on Monday 22nd June but following the Victorian State Government's latest lockdown guidelines, we have no choice but to again close our doors from midnight 8th July until further notice.

Thank you to those people who have reached out to us with messages of support. It’s much appreciated and we recognise the cricket community is incredibly tight knit. The game of cricket teaches us a lot of things including resilience and how to stay calm in pressure situations. Those skills will help us all at this time.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now the greatest social upheaval the world has seen since World War II and right now there are much more important things than cricket! We know the coming days, weeks and possibly months will be filled with uncertainty and we hope you and your families remain safe and well.

Everything is on hold including the Winter Programme and private coaching. We’ll bounce back in due course and my ‘past life’ as a public accountant is proving useful in these circumstances. 


Our final School Holiday Camp scheduled for July 10th has had to be cancelled (while the U12 camp from week 1 had proven so popular it was a complete sell out).  Also, the Victorian Junior Cricket Academy sessions have been suspended until further notice.  One on one sessions have also been suspended until further notice.

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